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review by Justin

March 13, 2023

Is This candy individual wrapped yes, or no? No, this candy is not individual wrapped. Does it come in a box or bag or container? It comes in a bag. This candy is not hot, spicy, sour, tart and not a gummy. It is a nice and sweet candy. just the right amount of sweetness it has. The texture of the candy is hard, but you can chewy throw it or suck on it as it will dissolve in your mouth Like a gobstopper candy will. The flavor of this candy is banana, I like the strong flavor of this candy, I give it a flavor rating of 9/10. Witch means I think it is a great flavor in taste and strength.

would I buy this candy again, my rating is a 6/10. Which means yes, I would buy Bananarama candy again. But if you are trying to be healthy, I guess not to buy it because it does have food coloring dye in it. My overall rating of Bananarama is a 8/10. Which means I think this candy is great overall. Because of its strong flavor and there is plenty to share. And how much I liked this candy is a 8/10. Which means I think that Bananarama candy is a great candy.



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Nutrition facts/ fun facts

1.            How many calories are in a serving size of Bananarama candy?   - there is 50 calories in a serving size of Bananarama.

2.            How many Bananarama candy pieces are in a serving size?  - there is 22 pieces of this candy in a serving size.

3.            How many grams of sugar are per a serving size in Bananarama candy?   - there are a total of 12 grams of sugar per serving size.

4.            Are there any dyes in the candy Bananarama?   - yes, there is, they are FD&C Yellow 5 in this candy.

5.            Is there any protein in the candy Bananarama?   - no there, is a total of 0 grams of protein in this candy.

6.            Is there any carbohydrates in Bananarama candy?   - yes, there are a total of 13 grams of Carbohydrate in this candy.

7.            How much fat is there in a serving size of Bananarama candy?   - there is a total of 0 grams of fat in this candy.

8.            How much sodium is there in a serving size of Bananarama candy?   - there is a total of 0mg of sodium in Bananarama candy.


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