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About me

My name is Justin. I’m in my twenties. thing to know about me: I have autism, anxiety, depression, and I used to have an eating disorder. So sorry for if I miss spelling something just tell me in the commits of that post. So, I can fix it.

You might also know me from my personal blog justin221 on Facebook.


As a kid I ate a lot of candy. So, it just make cent that I review candy.

This site is my review on different types of candy. I blog on my life and also now on candy, so this site is decade to my personally review on candy and talk about candy. And eat it. And white about it.


My mission with this site is to review candies honestly and best that I can. These review my first taste out of the box or bag or whatever it comes in.


I love to hear from you. Send me a note about a candy to review. Also love to see your opinion in the commit section. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter (sign up down below).


I do not pull in major revenue from this site. I do have affiliate links and ads on this site. I try to make a few bucks to keep the website up and pay for the candy that I review on here.

But Justin candy review website is really all about the candy and the sweet stuff.


So, I hope you in joy my website.

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